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We are an Industry Association that was incorporated in 1997. We have members throughout Australia and New Zealand. We ensure that our members meet a strict set of criteria regarding security and client service.

Our Members must pass independently conducted competency tests before they are admitted at levels that allow them to obtain high security keying systems.

Our Members are able to assist with locks and keys for your Home, Business, Safes and Motor Vehicles. 

We also provide high security locking systems to our qualified locksmith business members.


High Security keying systems are enhanced because keys to these systems, can not be duplicated by non-members, and each member is prevented by a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct from duplicating the keys to another member's system.

The Association is dedicated to ensuring that its members exercise the highest ethical standards and provide a professional level of service to the Community.

All ANZLA members are experiences Locksmiths who are screened to ensure that they follow a strict code of ethics and are able to provide you with a photo I.D. if requested.